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[Suggestions]Was in love in this game but....

Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:42 am

I was so exited when i receive the email about "Kingdom Warriors Open Beta", instently made 100$ ingame donate for the effort you guys gived to make this game live, but im nearly about to quit.


1. More you pay, stronger you are.
* I don't mind when P2W players exist, but those should not be mixed with F2p players and especly not be in dueling matches (300,000 Might agenst 120,000. guess who will win?) the solution is to make all duels balanced to a flat Might that comes from the level instead on the current (p2w Might). so when a 400,000 1500$ donator come to duel he will be as same as 100,000 Might none donated player, both will have a flat 200,000 Might.

2. Don't be greedy, We all love $$$ but...
* VIP Level & Gold must be account shared instead of a single character, this greedy rob system never was successful, take example from WOW ( Absolutely everything is shareable ) they still exist with 7mil online players...

3. Remove those "ShowOff" Middle town statutes.
* none is like to see those ShowOff P2W Garbage, bad for game reputation.

4. Add More regions servers, Europe, Middle East, Asia etc...

5. Increase Chat max length
* current max chat Length is 25 Symbol which is not enough, increase it to 30 or so.

To be continued.....

Re: [Suggestions]Was in love in this game but....

Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:52 am

1,2 & 4 ASAP!
the rest i dont care about...

Re: [Suggestions]Was in love in this game but....

Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:14 am

Dear player,

Thanks for contacting us.

About your opinion and suggestion on our game,we will report them to our development team for consideration.

Thanks for your support!
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